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Conflict and Change Training

About our training

We provide training and accredited courses as well as consultancy and coaching for organisations and individuals. Our aim is to enable people to understand and resolve conflict at home, at work and in their community. We work with them to develop the skills and confidence they need to relate to others constructively.



Aims and Values

The aim of our training is to develop trainees' confidence and skills in working with conflict, both in their own lives and with others. We believe that:

  • Self-understanding in relation to conflict in our own life is the first step towards working creatively with conflict
  • Keeping open a compassionate connection between adversaries is a vital part of working with conflict
  • There is a connection between conflict within each individual, conflict between individuals, and conflict between groups and communities
  • Conflict need not be avoided, but rather it can be an opportunity for change

Training Options

We offer training for individuals as well as a wide variety of organisations. To read more about the training we offer, please select one of the following:

Are you an individual seeking training?

Are you a community organisation in Newham?

Are you a business or statutory organisation?

If you would like to read about our past projects, you can do so here.

For any other information about our training, you can contact Tanya or Zak on 020 8552 2050 or email You can also download a borchure detailing our different training options here.