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Community Development

Who we areSmiling woman offering food at the party

The community development team support people in the community to engage in Community Bridge building through sharedactivities and getting to know you events. We adopt participatory approaches to enthuse the involvement of people in the community through our volunteers and by working with the diverse communities living in Newham. Our work engages local minority ethnic communities and faith groups as well as recent arrivals in Newham including those seeking asylum.

What we do

Our practical aims are:

  • To enthuse local people through shared activities, learning and getting to know you events
  • To promote trust, cultural and religious understanding and co-operation between diverse communities and local 
    community and faith groups
  • To support the diverse communities to develop constructive methods of dealing with conflicts
  • To provide ongoing support, develop and facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources for mutual understanding
  • To encourage and support community and faith groups to develop initiatives that help to build trust, understanding and co-operation

How we work

We work towards achieving these aims by:

  • Listening and learning from communities about their conflicts and constructive ways of dealing with them
  • Visioning session with groups
  • Networking and outreach to different community, faith, and neighbourhood groups
  • Conducting meetings in  participatory ways so that everyone feel involved and valued
  • Provide ongoing peace building support to the community through pro-active training, coaching and mentoring

Examples of our Work

people sharing lunch in community centre

Some highlights of our work include:


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